Fifth Grade Representatives 2019/2020

Erin Collins, Liza Fonti, Kim Treboski, Shannon Rohner, Jo-Elle Wicke, Tricia Aupperlee, and Nicole DiMasi

Contact the Reps:

It is the tradition at Coolidge to make our children's 5th grade year special. Activities are planned throughout the year. With your help and support, we hope to fundraise all costs associated with these activities. We will be sending out updates as the year progresses. Below are the activities and some of the fundraisers planned and how you can get involved.


Kick Off Event -  This event is held on the 1st day of school.  It is a series of team building "challenges" that culminate in the assembly of the 5th grade banner that will be displayed all year in the MPR.

Lunch - Pizza Lunch is a 5th grade fundraiser planned to help cover the costs of all the events planned for the 5th graders.

NYC Trip - The tradition at Coolidge is to take our fifth graders on a memorable trip to NYC in June which includes lunch and a Broadway Show.

Memory Book - This yearbook highlights the students’ years at Coolidge and is presented to them at a catered breakfast in June. This project is started early in the year and we need your help! Please start collecting photos of your child with Coolidge classmates from Kindergarten through 4th grade. We will also be requesting a baby photo of your child. All clearly labeled photos will be returned. Digitals are happily accepted on disc or via email.

Spring Lake - Students join other fifth graders from town for a day of swimming, eating and playing at Spring Lake in Wyckoff in late June.

Book Buddy Holiday Party - This is a fun and festive event in which the children pair up with their book buddies in support of a charitable cause. This will take place during school hours in December before the holiday break.

Fundraisers - To do their part in contributing to the year's amazing events, the 5th graders will seek to raise money by participating in two fundraisers. More details to follow.