Chairperson Financial Guidelines

First and foremost, THANK YOU so much for volunteering your time to chair a Coolidge School event!

We couldn't possibly do these amazing things without the help of our Coolidge families!

As the Chair of an event, it is your responsibility to be accountable for all coordination/financials required for the event.  All written communication, flyers, etc. must be approved by the PTO President prior to dissemination.  The PTO President is responsible to get the approval of the school Principal when necessary.  The Wyckoff PTO is governed by bylaws and we must do our best to uphold the guidelines.

Please take a moment to review the Chairperson Financial Guidelines by clicking here.

Please note that most important part of obtaining financial compensation for your event is that a receipt is needed for absolutely everything for reimbursement. A copy of a credit card statement is not acceptable. It needs to detail the item, date, amount, etc. so a receipt, invoice, or order is required.

Any questions regarding reimbusent, please contact our PTO Treasurer, Jo-Elle Wicke.