Coolidge School Treats for Holiday Celebrations (Halloween, December Holiday, Valentine’s Day)   There are some changes to food & drinks for our holiday parties at Coolidge.  Mrs. Krey has designated “safe” foods that are approved for class parties.  Only the approved items on the list should be sent in to school for ALL class parties.…

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Box tops are a simple way for us to raise money!  Simply clip from the products and bring them to the container in the front lobby.  We send them in and receive a check. It’s so easy!

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Stop and Shop- The A+ Program is a super easy way to help earn extra money for Coolidge.  Click here to register.  (Go to MENU, REWARDS and PROGRAMS, then A+ to get started.)  The Coolidge code is 08016.  Any questions, contact Marcella Vander Eems.  Thank you for your support!

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